“Now Is Our Time”

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Now is our time,
The struggle is real
I wore it…
The lies they feed us,
Contaminated water
They poured it,
For us to drink up,
And to think what,
People around my job
Telling me to vote, nah!
I tell them they need to read up,
Wake up!
Open your eyes,
They programmed us
Our whole lives,
It’s never too late,
Why, because
Now is our time…
Been blind to a system,
Working a job,
Is similar to a plantation,
A real slavery prison,
9 to 5 for what
To provide,
Keep a roof over our heads
Food in our mouths,
Clothes on our back
To pay for education,
To pay taxes
When we barely see
Any money back,
Drugs, guns, they ship
To us, get caught you’re
Going to prison son,
Time to skip state
Now we on the run,
It’s time to wake up,
Takes what’s ours back,
Open your eyes,
Stop being blind,
And realize for once
“Now is our time”

Written By Kingbty



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