“Ancient Soul”

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"All Africans all around the world have an ancient soul connection to the other side, and our soul feeds from ancient sound mostly the ancient instrumental. So whenever you hear the African ancient sound and you are not moved in your soul, just know that you have been disconnected and you must find a way ...

“Health Yourself”

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Immunity boosting herbs we should keep at bay this season: basilthymegingerhyssoprosemaryastragalusred cloverechinaceaelderberryhorseradishlicorice rootlemongrass All of these medicines strengthen the respiratory plus increases T-cell production. Be healed. Be well. Be great. Be Healthy.💫

“Master InnerSelf🇲🇦”

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✌🏽🖐🏽🇲🇦Happy Holy Dey🇲🇦✌🏽🖐🏽 You can use either master your emotions or be mastered by them. There is a difference between being led by the heart and being led by emotions; so many people confuse the two. The spiritual heart is a cosmic principle beyond the mundane limited expression of emotions. Emotions change with every person's whim; ...

“Energy Creates”

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Our energy is what creates our experiences in the physical world. We all vibrate with a different essence and that essence calls other things as the same into our experiences. By elevating your frequency you quite literally attract higher vibrational experiences into your existence.