“No Death Pt.1”

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For all sentient cosmic beings, theres no such thing as death. We are conscious light orbs fused with orgone energy, that became trapped in the dense realm of matter. After our physical suits shutdown, our true existence, which is light orgone energy, is released outside of the photon spectrum, where we can be decieved ...

“This Is Foundation🇲🇦”

🇲🇦This is not a time to give up & resign. Use the obstacles in your path as an opportunity to grow in consciousness, instead of telling yourself that they are too much for you to handle. Look to the spirit, this is your foundation. Apply what you already know and persevere to the end.☪️🇲🇦✋🏽✌🏽HHD Moors✋🏽✌🏽🇲🇦

“Eye Am”

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"Eye am open to harmonious energy. Eye deserve peace. Eye attract calm vibrations into my life. Eye focus on the things that eye can control. Eye let go of what is beyond my control. Eye trust that all things will work out in my best interest. Eye deserve peace, security & harmony. Eye am open ...

“Stay True🇲🇦”

🇲🇦What matters is staying faithful to your own truth right now. Here’s a chance for you to stand strong and firm in your authenticity without compromise. Stay centered, focused & allow things to untangle themselves. Your courage is a flame that cannot be extinguished.☪️🇲🇦✋🏽✌🏽Happy Holy Dey Moors✋🏽✌🏽🇲🇦

“Divine Journey”

🇲🇦Take time today to think about the things you’re grateful for. Be grateful for the good & the bad things in your life because they are both taking you further on your journey.✨ 🇲🇦Even the seemingly negative things turn out to be positive at the end because you learn from them and because of them.✨ 🇲🇦You ...