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“Moorish History”

Expanding our knowledge of Moorish history is essential to understanding American history. We must aim to continuously learn about and honor Moorish history this month and every month. We will be sharing resources that amply Moorish voices and address mental health inequities in the Moorish community. ⁣ ✨HHD Moors✨


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✨The Mysteries Of The Dark Moon Goddess✨ Lilith rebels against Subservience and handmaiden duties that was bestowed upon her. Lilith is to be remembered as a time in ancient past when women were honored and praised for initiating and fully expressing their personal freedom and sexual passion. Women were symbols of the temple priestess. These holy ...

“Don’t Sit”

If you always sit in expectation, you’re not in the present moment. The present moment contains the whole of life. When we’re sitting, we’re truly there in the present moment; we have come home, we have arrived. We are present in that time and place; we’re not pulled away by the past, the future, or by ...

“Kundalini 🔥 ”

"The Kundalini fire is seen riding upward through the spinal channel into the pond of the medulla oblongota. The Golden light radiating from the base of the brain, at the back, gradually increases the size and intensity until it froms the nimbus, or halo, of the Saint. The pituitary body is here shown surrounded by ...

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