“Brothers & Sistars”

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🤲🏽Happy Mars Day🙏🏽 🕯️Happy Tuesday✨ Brothers and sistars, let's stop tearing each other down and competing with each other and let's build together we're all we got.☪️ We are spiritual beings having a human experience. ✨Ase’✨💫

“Run From Negativity”

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🕯️Happy Moon Day✨ 🙏🏽Happy Monday🤲🏽 When you hold onto negative thoughts you are subconsciously putting yourself under a spell. Once you start believing these non empowering thoughts you start to do things to fulfill them. If you believe you are not smart enough, you won't take the chance you should, if you think you are not creative ...

“Healing Affirmation🇲🇦”

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🕯️Happy Venus Day🕯️ 🇲🇦Happy Holy Day🇲🇦 🙏🏽☪️"I am filled with complete wellness. I am a vibrant being & my body radiates vitality. My body is strong & powerful. Every cell in my body radiates health & wellness. My body knows how to heal itself. I get stronger & healthier every day in mind, body, heart, & soul. ...

“True Liberation”

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🕯️Happy Jupiter Day🤲🏽 Life may be short, but it is beautiful and we should try to live each moment for the physical and spiritual experiences it presents. Don’t feel chained to the regrets, shame, and guilt of the past; instead, make the commitment to serve life and let that be your redemption. Open your heart to ...

“Overstand Self”

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There was a plan devised from your birth to forever disconnect you from your essential roots, from the magnificent mysteries of nature, from the omnipresent and ever-enduring greatness of the divine force that crafted our universe, and from the mysterious power of your own inner being. To bravely and daringly make a conscious effort to ...

“Every Day”

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Affirmation of the Day: I release all things that no longer align to make space for what is actually meant for me. I accept the things I have no power or control over. I find gratitude in knowing perfection is not my goal; progress is. I am committed to making the healthiest decisions for my ...

“Truly Listen”

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Each and every day, in a multitude of ways, our Soul speaks to us. Our Soul speaks to us through nature, other people, events, sounds, words, symbols, dreams, and feelings. This week is about focusing on connecting to the deepest source of who you are: your Soul. Your Soul possesses every answer, every source of wisdom, ...

“Friday Reminder🇲🇦”

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🕯️Happy Friday🕯️ 🇲🇦Happy Holy Dey🇲🇦 ☪️YOUR TRIBE IS YOUR VIBE! Surround yourselves with those who make you happy, those that make you feel most like yourself and those that challenge you to be better. I don’t have a single person in my life that makes me feel poorly about myself. Also my favorite people are those I ...

“We Are Deities”

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The hue of black is a biological reflection of nature. We are a reflection of the Universe, and the Universe is a reflection of us. We are physical manifestations of the expanding infinite creative force of the universe. We are made of substance black, transmutable, transmitting, multidimensional, super driver of the universe. We shouldn't be afraid. ...

“ The Third of the Egyptian Scrolls”

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🕯️GGA🕯️ If man would know heaven, he must first know earth. Man cannot understand heaven, until he understands earth. He cannot understand God, until he understands himself. And he cannot know love, unless he has been loveless. God is unknown, but not unknowable. He is unseen, but not unseeable. God is unheard, but not unhearable. He ...