“Death Pledge”

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A mortgage is indeed literally a “death pledge”. It’s thought that the “death” involved in the mortgage’s ominous “death pledge” isn’t that of the debtor (yeah ok) but rather either the debt itself, or the estate against which the debt is secured. That is to say, by entering into a mortgage, you “pledge” to continue paying ...


Breathe and let things be… we simply cannot control everything and we can tear ourselves apart physically and mentally worrying about things that are completely out of our control..So breathe and just let it be for todey…what will be will be. Don’t spoil your todey’s worrying about yesterdey or tomorrow.

“Follow The Spirit”

In order for the roads, portals + doors to open….. you must turn your back on many people, places + things. At this point, you must be loyal to you and your Journey. Follow the spirit, rather than the practical and conventional... Move about, experience + learn. The spirits are guiding you. There is infinite potential before ...

“Complete Perfection”

"The budding and blossoming of a flower reflects the process of creation that unfolds in the Upper World as well as the Lower World, which is our physical universe. As a seed contains the entire flower, the original thought of creation contains the creation as a whole, including its final and complete perfection."