“Hershey Syrup”


Hersey body
I want your body
All chocolatey
Let me lick you
Up and down
And don’t bother me
Face me
Sit on top of me
Let me taste my hot chocolate
You know I love your whip cream
Shower me
Rain on me
I felt ya legs shake
Your my chocolate shake
Straight in my mouth
I don’t need a straw
You looking down at my face
I’m licking n sucking that clit though
Them piercings
Loving my tongue though
Round and round I go
Up and down you go
We going need some mo
Hershey syrup &
That’s fa sho
Just keep creaming
While u whip it slow
Wind for me
Hold up… pause it…
Rewind it for me
Fast forward now you cumin
You my chocolate sundae
Don’t forget whip cream
And my Hershey syrup.

Written By Kingbty EL



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