“Nu Day”

Nu days
Nu beginnings,
Souled out
Eternally shining,
Reminding all,
I’ve done it all
I’m done climbing,
I’m at the top,
I wanted to pull you up
But you stop,
Different paths
Is hard to cross,
Different stars
Is hard to reach,
When you don’t have it all
And now I know I have all…

It’s a Nu Day
Never tell a person
That they have time,
The time is now,
So I untaught myself
So I had to unwind,
And press play
Literally it’s been a decade,
Still so much information
Still in these states
So many perpetrating,
On your life
On how you should
Be living, yet making,
And since you don’t know better
Your history was taken,
It’s in you to get it back!

Written By KingBty EL


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