“Enjoy Times”

You gotta keep going
Trust the signs
Lose your mind
In order to have
A peace of mind
So let me give you
A piece of my mind

Make sure you read
The print that’s fine, 
Before you waste time,
Everything is front of us,
It’s on you to see it
Or to stay blind,
In God we trust,
It’s on the root of evil
So who you trust,
You or that dollar…

What’s real to you
Is just a illusion to me,
Something that was painted
Like clown faces in a circus,
On this earth surface,
After time passed, 
We pass…

Enjoy the time,
Enjoy the smiles,
Enjoy the laughs,
Temporary moments,
Nothing last,
But the memories,
Of the past.

Written By KingBty EL


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