“Don’t Belong Here”

I don’t belong here
I foresee me straight
Like comb hair
Claiming what’s mine
Realized it’s all science
Way before Einstein
Business I mind mines
I never knew the real time
So tell me
What you watching for
North south east west
I tell you what this compass for
Why I mediate for
What these crystals for
My soul on the go
On the glow
Lighting up the world
Physical and spiritual
I hope you listen
When your ancestors
Talk to you
Cuz I know
I been in this world before
I’ve been called a old soul
So my soul is old
Just not my physical
I’m deeper then root
My mom planted a seed
But just didn’t know
What it was going do
I grew into something
I’m the speed of light
No slowing me down
No Ritalin
I’m going for the gold
Not Benjamins
And please don’t string me along
I’m not a violin
Don’t play me
Knowledge is powerful
I don’t belong here.

Written By Kingbty EL


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