“Queens & Kings Still”

Once was Queens & Kings
And we still is,
Jewels in the books
If you don’t read,
You won’t know,
A must that I
Water my seeds
In order to grow,
Since money is the root of evil
Then where did my gold go,
I wanna know,
Need to know,
Even though I do know,
What about you though,
We make time for everything else,
Instead of picking up that book
From the shelf,
Somewhere out here,
I know I’m felt,
Touching spirits,
Floating through dimensions,
Through my deep sleep,
Out of body experience,
Once was a feeling,
But now I’m seeing it,
I can’t make you understand
What you shouldn’t,
Reminds me of putting
My left and right foot in,
Doing the hokey pokey
As children, oh how can I forget,
They blindfold us and say look,
It’s so much more to the picture,
You just gotta look,
Look with your third eye,
Make sure chakras aligned,
Mediation is key,
Make sure crystals get the
Proper sun and moon light,
And when you do it,
Within you,
Make sure your right
Queens and Kings we still is.

Written By Kingbty EL


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