“Dropping Jewels”

I was giving news,
Before the news, 
I was holding jewels,
Then I started
Dropping jewels,
Too many in hand
Too much up in my brain,
Everything stays the same
It’s on you to remain,
False lies,
You have to maintain,
I guess that’s the lying in you,
Or is it the lion in you,
The roars,
The cries for help,
But it starts with a boy,
To a man,
Never let me down,
But you let me down,
When you let you down,
Now you lost,
Soon to be found,
Not by the women
Not by the money
Not by your homies
Real recognize real,
Only to yourself your phony,
But you can never see the light,
If you don’t cut it on,
Signs don’t ignore it,
You’re only getting older,
Only advice, 
Read and get focused,
Search in,
The answers are within,
I been real,
Self healed myself,
When I know I been ill,
I was giving news
Before the news,
I was holding jewels,
Then I started
Dropping jewels.

Written By Kingbty EL


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