“I’m Ready”

 Stop talking yourself 
Out of opportunities
You don’t feel like
You’re “ready” yet.
It’s time. You’re ready now.

I been ready, 
I used to let it pass by,
Never again
I’m missing my blessings
In disguise,
As I close my eyes,
And see stars,
Next to the galaxies
There you are,
I’ll see you,
When I’m out of body,
Only when I’m in deep sleep,
Deep thoughts still
Cross my mind,
How you are,
Wondering if we could’ve
Made it,
Yes, this far,
But in your illusion
I’m far behind,
But the facts,
In my dimension
I’m further then you,
So your behind,
You can have the house,
You can the cars,
But you don’t own any of it,
It’s own by the state
When it’s said and done
I told you trust me
My estate
Is in my trust see
Never to the public
Everything is privacy
Privately and Quietly
Only I remind me
No need to alarm me
I woke up on my own
They told me
This ain’t for everybody!

Written By KingBty EL


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