“The Realist”

I see phoniness everyday
I gotta be one of the realist
People you’ve ever meet because
I’m just me… There’s nothing to
Be ashame of. I’m the type of person
That’ll tell you like it is &
What it is because I speak my mind…
If I’m telling you something you
Might take it out of context because
Of the way I’m telling you but
If you know me, you should know
I don’t mean any harm. You ask me
Something I’m going to keep it real
And tell you the truth
Whether you wanna hear it
Or not, just take heed to it
Because some people
Will not be straight forward
With you, they’ll play hide &
Go seek, you can hide but you’ll
Be hiding forever, because I’m
Not seeking nothing, I don’t
Play games unless there’s a
Controller in my hands…
I can see we all have
Problems & that life isn’t fair
I’m just one the realist people
You’ll ever meet over here

Written By B.T.Y. 2006


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