“Sleeping Life”

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When my eyes shut
So does the blinds
My dreams when I’m awoke
Doesn’t come true but
When I’m sleep they do
It’s just a fantasy, my
Mind goes in & out,
Up & down through every
Circuit, of my brain continues to
What seems so real and good,
Yet harmless, is a big taste, sample,
Peek, of what could be, therefore
You try and try to achieve your goals,
Dreams, yet it’s hard work, no
Gold or silver spoon was in my mouth, more like plastic…
That’s why, & when I shut my eyes
I recite what I feel and still
Keep it real similar to this life I live,
& that’s what I recite to you…
A dream
A goal
A fantasy
That we can & can’t control
Due to most of the time we’re
Sleeping about everything
Instead of taking action but
Rest, nap, for higher expectations
Instead of your brain fantasizing
All the time because we’re
Sleep about life.

Written by B.T.Y. In 2006


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