“Open It”

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Who made you
Who made me
What do you BeLIEve in
Well if you ever question it
You should do ur research
So research it
And learn the roots of your history
Some might say your African American
So what’s a African
To a American
Some might say they black
But what’s really the black origin
Or should I say
What’s the origin of black
Some might think I’m wack
And I’m fine with that
I’m ok with that
But tell me how your living
Are you content with that
The corporation is a prison
And I’m not okay with that
They got us brainwashed
In their system
Telling us we living
But really
We made this
No reparations given
And your okay with that
Hands and feet shackle
Free labor in the prison
They clowning us Jack &
They got us boxed in
Which to say
You need to know
The outside of that
No more time for thinking
But your okay with that
So it’s safe to say
That your content with that
Well check the way I’m living
I got a mortgage
And it’s pretty low on property tax
So I got interest
Wait so
let me rate that
It’s about a 3 to 4 percentage
And who are you paying that
Is the focus
The States is really a providence
For you there’s still hope left
They got us under wraps
But I over wrapped it
So my knowledge is a gift back
To you
I hoped u open it!

Written By kingbty 


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