“Moor A-Like”

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And once u open it
If you decide to
The road is yours
Left or right
Ya definitely a two way street
Once your foundation is setup right
There’s no wrong
When I say foundation
Your documents
Your knowledge
Must be strong
Nobody can knock you off
Your square
Nobody can invade your circle
Your looked at different
As it always been
But remember we all are different
But moor alike
Once u open it up
Know your self
Know thy self
Know your roots
It’s like riding a bike
Be healthy
Heal thy self
The truth shall set you free
It’s all keys
That was given by our ancestors
And they show us continually 
In our dreams
So while you sleep
You need to wake up
And be free
Instead of saying SIR
Slave I remain,
In 2017
March 20th the equinox
Is really our New Year
Not January 1st
Arm Leg Leg Arm Head

Written By Kingbty EL


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