“Claim Your Stuff”

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I been on some other stuff
And obtaining knowledge &
But people rather
use they face to stuff
Instead of
stuffing they brain with stuff
Alex what is stuff for 1000
they life and stuff
Being content with this life and such
And all this stuff they put us through
Making fools of me and you
Stuffing our brains
With make believe
But they told me
We in the land of make believe
Making believers of us
And I shall believe whatever
They teach us.
The schools
Similar to prison
The warden is teacher
And yes they shall teach
And recess is outside for
The yard to breath
They made us stand in line
For structure
Even when we on line to eat
The other Teachers
Is what he CO’s be
And if you get out of line
Trouble is what your in
They can throw you in box
In other words
Isolate from your peers
It’s the warden
Stand for the flag
Early in morning
Boys in one line
Girls in the other
You must know this
And that because
The curriculum
Was chosen
for you to learn
When will this cycle
Be over or the marking period
Yes they marked us period
When really
We should be privilege
But no in actuality
Driving is privilege
It’s all bullshit
The con man
Ran with this federal bank
Established a government
So we can make them rich
But if we took the time out
Our nationality
But the game is play to them
Teach our kids what we learn
So they don’t be slave cave men
And women
School loans
It’s all crazy
But the real question is are you
Content on how your living
And if so
Then so be it
And if not
The power is all
In knowledge
From your chakra &
Starts at the root

Peace and blessings people

Written By Kingbty EL



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