“Save You”

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The sequel begins
The prequel never ends
I’m bent
off in this rush hour
I’m really foreign
While you beLIEeve
Your domestic
The picture is
Within the message
I done told you
And confessed
I’m the best in
This nature of poetry
My nature is full of fruit
And farming
Vegan one day
I’ll shall be
no meat
The meat that’s farm raised
You call poultry
How can shrimp
Not be from the sea
But the tuna
Is called chicken from the sea
Follow me
How did it get to this
Steroids and cloning
It’s not hard
Signed the dark act law
Right under your nose
Your sniffing out things
isn’t what it’s seem to be
Your caught up
In his color
yes what’s on his skin
But you fail to realize
They use him like they use us
It’s all within
Your mind
Remember as a kid
We all believed in Santa Claus
Because that was taught
The cycle so we gotta wash
Spin and rinse it off again
When will you realize
What Martin and Malcom
Was talking about again
Because Noble drew Ali
Went to study in Egypt
Where it all begin
How was we writing
But this so called
Money funded schools
Like the Chicago Oriental
To erase our history
What I know
Isn’t really meant for you
It’s meant for me
I can’t save you
But you’re
the only one that can save you.

Written By Kingbty



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