“I’m Too Beautiful For This”

Tears is in her eyes,
She told me
I’m too beautiful for this,
Yes, you are miss,
But remember
God put you here for this,
Now the outcome
Isn’t what you wanted,
You could’ve got dumped
By your finance or your boyfriend,
Or lost a love one where as if
It was a puppy or a person,
Lost your job, now your stressing,
Because you don’t deserve this,
I don’t know
But what I do know,
Is that your a beautiful person
And hurt, pain, this emotional stage,
Is only for the moment,
I’m a better leader then follower,
Your black lipstick
Your red fingernails
The way u polished them,
Is the same way your going
To polish this life of yours up,
Take the old off
And put the new on,
Your a beautiful queen
I saw the moon, the stars,
The galaxies when you looked
At me, and told me,
Crying with tears
In your eyes,
I’m too beautiful for this.

Written By KINGBTY


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