“Ascending Frequency”

Negative toxins
That’s all in you,
I’m neo in the matrix
I’m blocking you,
I’m blocking it,
In order!
Your chakra needs to be in,
It’s way off,
I mean way off,
My energy is sky high,
I refuse for it to be ground level,
As if your in the airport
& I’m in the air… Wait!
While I teleport, to a
Different dimension,
I mentioned,
But I did mention,
I’m star
I used to wish it,
Until I realized
It’s what we are,
So why wish to ourselves,
When we’re the ones
Who makes it happen,
Our energy puts us there,
At its right timing,
Truth is
I know myself 
I’m aligning,
Ascending frequencies within.

Written By Kingbty EL


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