“Spider-Lady” (Halloween Edition)

My doorbell ring,
She said trick or treat,
Knowing I don’t trick,
Even though
I would like a treat,
I asked her who’s she
Supposed to be,
She said spider lady,
Damn All I was thinking bout,
Was making spider babies,
This outfit drove me crazy
Booty looking all amazing,
Asked her did she climb walls
Or does her web work at all,
Whisper in my ear
And asked me did I wanna see,
I said yea
She said first
I need your candy
I said here you go take it all,
She said close your eyes
But wait turn off the lights
She touching on me now
And said count to five
And when I cut the lights on
She was gone &
My wallet was gone
I got robbed
She tricked me for treats
On Halloween 👻 y’all!

Written By KINGBTY



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