“Realm Dey” (Solar Birthdey)

In 1405 eye was born

Now it’s 1438,

Nu year

Nu age 

Paperwork soon,

Nu moon,

Spiritual life 

Oppose to this physical,





Once… wasn’t my life

But now it is,

Toast to my ancestors 

Who steered me here,

A Rare breed

Is hard to come by,

R Kelly wasn’t lying

When he said, eye believe eye can fly,

Cuz every nite, I’m in the sky,

Transitioning while

Transcending from the physical,

It’s all mental @ the end,

Eye don’t need a paper or a pen,

To give you, from what’s within,

This illusion is tainted

And the pictures that they painted,

Everything isn’t what it’s portrayed to be,

Eye know self first,

Eye know me second,

And my third eye helps me

Raise my vibrations,

Eye am 100% Asiatic,

Took me 33 years 

To know eye am the master,


Still getting my teachings,

Still into my readings,

Studying law,

Studying commerce,

Recognizing me nationally,

Charging them with treason,

And eye don’t need a reason

For these frauds,

Your in my court 

And eye have the ball,

33 on back 

So let’s get it,

Pat Ewing wit it,

Mixed with Kareem 

And Bird with the green,

So eye am all money

Like Floyd in the ring,

You can’t box with my spirit, 

Eye will haunt you 

As if it was yesterdey,

But it’s not, todey is my realm dey,

You call it a birth dey,

Eye call it a visitation with

Earth dey, thankhs for all the wishes,

And eye thankh the creator 

& the universe for allowing 

Me to see my 33rd earth dey, 

happy nu year B.T.Y. it’s ya holy solar dey.

Written By KING B.T.Y. EL✨

Eye wanna thankh everyone,

Especially my ancestors, 

My family & Friends✨

(we all family at the end)✨

Queen eye love u✨

Little King eye love u✨

(✨=Positive Energy)

(Handshake =Unity)

  • Derek B Greene
    November 1, 2018


    • King B.T.Y.
      November 1, 2018

      Appreciate u family... we build a solid strong foundation over the years noble.

  • TA
    November 7, 2018

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