“Moor Dicussions”(B.T.Y. MIX)


With me and god,

Lord knows eye tried

But did eye really,


Not at all,

Cuz eye am him

And he is me,




Prayed to the ancestors,

Receiving my blessings

Straight from the universe,

Generational curse

No moor of that,

Keep your opinion 

Eye am the fact,

Focused on real estate,

Need my estate for real,

Eye need my trust,

Cuz if eye can’t 

Then who can eye trust,

Ironic isn’t it,

Eye lived it,

Had to come back 

To get it right,

Eye am here for a reason,

My reason differs from yours,

You care about Jordan concords,

Eye care about diplomat immunity 

No dipset but shout out to Cam’ron,

Eye am just having a discussion,

Shout out Kevin gates luca brasi 3,

Moor to come

Moor discussions 

Moor to seek

But everything is within me.

Written By Kingbty EL


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