“Let It All Work Out” (B.T.Y. MIX)11-1

Let it all work out…

Let’s talk,

Let’s walk,

This conversation is amazing,

Our steps 

It’s really no tracing,

Eye remember the first dey

We met,

Sat on the bench

Exchange numbers

While the fireworks blaze,

4th of July 

15 years later 

A sun to raise,

You came back 

Boomerang baby,

Eye love you,

Eye love him,

Big gate in front our mansion

With a picket fence,

In the backyard…

So far, so gone,

Eye am on my drake shit,

Pooper scooper right next to me,

Sipping on my Hennessy,

Wood tip wine mild,

Sitting front row @ mile high,

Watching the Broncos 

Play the giants,

And eye am a giant

Like the pyramids,

Eye know they would feel this

As eye reminisce,

And it all worked out

Eye am on my carter shit,

Shout out to weezy,

This is Moor poetry 

You gotta feel this!

Really…yes really!

Roll up like a philly

Smoke you 

And smoke them,

My section non smoking,

It’s ironic,

Throwing up my ancestors 

Like eye vomit,

Eye am iconic,

The wraith is a 10

Plus one,

Eye am eleven

01 eighty five,

33…no Jesus 

Or pippen,

But eye am skipping 

No bay less,



Who’s this?

Wrong number!

Eye been a Mack b4 mustard,

Doing this for Moor then

10 summers,

So who you playing with,

Eye am B.T.Y.

No catfish,

Stiff arming competition,


No need for a trophy,

Eye am that 


Of all men

And it all worked out.

Whether eye die today,

Tonight, tomorrow,

Or any dey…

It all worked out!

Written By Kingbty EL


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