“No Ceilings”

I have no ceilings,
I’m my own my doctor
I am healing,
When you think of the best
Please mention me,
Decades from now
You gotta mention me,
I been saying this since
BTY was invented in 2005,
9 years after shakur died,
The reincarnation is real,
I feel what I felt,
A long time ago,
Dangerous minds
Hold that,
That’s coolio,
I’m really in paradise,
I’m really living this life,
Why you still living lie,
I can’t lie,
Let me keep real,
That certificate you sign
Is a really a bond,
I know to you,
I’m out of my mind,
But if you knew,
You should be in your mind,
Finding what’s what,
I know this isn’t for everyone,
I’m at the front of the line,
And that’s that,
But time passes,
You’ll Overstand in due time
And that’s that.

Written By Kingbty EL


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