“Love Don’t Live Here Anymore”

She told me love don’t
Live anymore…

Do any got any choice
I’m a voice for the men
A voice for the women
A voice for my pen
A voice for my city
So I give you all me
I’m a legend but my
First name isn’t Jonathan…
Hold up…

She said
I abandoned her
Worried about me too much,
No time for other things & then
Called me selfish, then
I called me helpless ,
I’m just young with
The restless ,
No oxygen for air
That’s keeping me breathless,
Take this life away
It’s so haunting, &
It’s all on me ,
Time to
Get on my feet,
Lace these boots up,
They never wanted me to be,
What you needed me to be,
They threw me in society,
Locked me up no key ,
GMO the poultry
But this fish is wild-caught,
Straight up out from the sea,
Building up,
A empire,
Minus the cookie
And Terrance Howard,
Shooting knowledge at
You, which will become

Just remember love don’t
Live here anymore
It never did…
We’re brainwashed from
The beginning!

Written By kingbty


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