“I’m Set”

Porch floor,
House floor,
Porch flow,
House flow,
Once I’m set
I start go,
Go phil,
You did it
For real,
Not everyone really dies
Yes I’m Pharrell ,
In another loop,
I used to catch the
Maplewood loop,
It’s a must,
That I does
What I does,
I gotta be what I never been
So I’m twisting & turning,
Rolling and burning
Dust I kicked up,
My first I’ll pump up,
Moor life for us,
Everything was left for us,
Get on board
We high up,
I said we high up,
In Allah we trust,
Moslem country
To this universe,
Which is known
Once you do research,
Even here,
I hear,
Then I listen,
Reeling my readers in
Like I’m fishing ,
Once was Christian
Until I figured the facts out,
Romans started that
Is what I’m talking about,
Before I left it out,
Only for you to figure out,
This whole game they play,
I figured it out,
From the porch floor,
From the house floor,
As I flow,
Go phil, go,
I’m set.

Written By Kingbty EL


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