“Story Worth Telling”

My life story is worth telling,
The past is what molded me,
So my present,
Is getting wrapped,
Up into the future,
Which is beautiful,
Knowing, what I know
Is critical,
Is what my lower-self wants,
So it’s a must I keep myself high,
No alcohol, pills, nor blunts,
Sober thoughts,
Sober mind,
When I align,
With my ancestors
Telling me to go all out, &
It don’t matter if they know
Or not,
No longer say believe,
It’s a lie in it,
Even though,
You can see it or not,
My indigenous people,
We all we got,
Yes it thickens,
But this isn’t the plot,
My life story
Is still getting written,
You might call yourself
Making good money,
Just know it ain’t good
If you really knew money,
Know that land you stay on
It’s already for paid for money,
Know that court you’re  in
It’s all common law money,
Trust noble,
Its moor where that came from
When writing my life story.

Written By Kingbty EL


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