“Grow Up”

Grow up because
Going back
And fourth with others
Where does it get you
You suppose to be a Queen
Guess that crown
Don’t fit you
How can you let her
Take you out your zone
I taught you so much better
I gave you the blueprint
I’m the flyest thing you know
You was stuck on me
That’s why I’m the $hit
Not to be arrogant
Knowing me, I’m far from it,
But get this
Some wounds do heal &
Some wounds don’t heal
Covering up true happiness
With material things
Real Jewels
You can’t see, wear, nor feel
Real jewels
Are lessons,
& lessons given
Pay attention
It’s also a message
A Queen is so humble therefore
A Queen is destined
No back and fourth
That’s not a Queens duty
She’s a gem
Her crown fits
You can see her rubies
I expected you to be humble
But you really making yourself
Look foolish… Grow up
Because A Queen is a winner
In all aspects, not a loser!
Grow up

Written By B.T.Y.


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