“Mend A Heart”

Never meant to break
Your heart
So selfish of me
Why did I mislead you
Why did I need you
When I didn’t…
Why did I want you
Around me
When all I had was me
Not needing anyone
But me… Your direction
You need is for me
To steer you,
Where I can meet you,
And mend your broken heart
I can’t tell you how it’ll be after
But it starts all with me
After all I’ve done
Let me work on it
Days of regret
Days of hate
Sleepless nights,
Desperate of needing to
Be held at night,
Sweet gentle kisses
So genuine
As I fight
To think of you
Not to think of you
Direction is must needed
How I misguided you
A broken heart is what
I gave to you… Let me mend it

Written By B.T.Y.


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