“Must Fly”

Why do things happen,
Because they are meant too,
U always said, all we have
Is love,
Maybe that’s all we have,
U leaving soon,
I’ll always think about
When you’re gone,
You’re probably all
I’m going think about,
Who can predict the future
Because right now
We’re living in the future.
As we talk,
As we argue,
As we hate,
The difference
Is we still communicate
And soon that
Will end
Maybe not
But all I wish
Is happiness
Maybe it’s never
Meant for me be happy,
But I can’t hold back your
I need u be happy,
Even if it means
To let u go,
Do I wanna stop you
Yes I do
But the stress
Isn’t a option,
So I have to let u go
Your mind is made up
And mines is too
That I don’t know.
Stomach hurts
Like my heart
Every time u say
I caused your stress
Hurts my heart
And I’ll hurt forever
But I must let u fly

Written By B.T.Y. In 2013


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