• Philip’s Mom
    February 15, 2019

    Great Rising

    “Don’t Take It Personal”

    I need to share this poem with some of the big whigs at my job, people think because you are the leader of an office you can dictate how you want a person to act or be because you are the head man so to speak! I love my job and I spread love where’s I go...My Moorness and my Spirit shines bright!

    Be who you wanna be and LOVE LOVE LOVE!! People lash out in many ways when there is jealousy, hurt, envy or just plain unhappiness.. These fears may or may not come from a bad place... it may be a grave loss of a loved one or job or just life seems unfair.. We react in different ways to uncomfortable “life”, but we mean well....I am a CONQUEROR and I’ve been through so much but I’ve moved forward and I will be respected! So when people wanna “come at” you Let your Greatest Light Shine Moor & Moor...Hit them with your best shot happily.., The Moor Love you show the Moor they want to be and adapt to be “BTY” in a Moor positive way!!

    To my 1st Born...Love You Son... Moor and Moor proud of you everyday I breathe!! Love you sooo much!! Your Mom!♥️❤️


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