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I feel cursed
When the worst
Situation happens
And it hurts
My stomach
To my heart
I’m ripped apart
In this world
With jealousy
And envy
I’m Bty
Go ahead &
Hate me
Wanna get rid of me
Then do it
Want me lose my cool
My anger
My frustration
They want me to lose
Strip me of what I love
I do what I does
The best of me
You can try to
Have it
Want me frame
No roger rabbit
I’m a instant classic
Once in a lifetime
In this life of mine
I’m here for once
Trying to do
What nobody has done
As I sit here under
The sun
Thinking about
The one I crush
No soda
But if I’m
Who’s guilty
And if I’m guilty
Who’s going
Lift me
Up from the dirt
I once done
But that was
A long time ago
Still feel cursed
That’s still in
My mind though

Written By B.T.Y. In 2008


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