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She’s having a hard time
Things will get better girl
I hope I cross ya mind
In due time
Things will look up
Instead of down
Once in awhile
We fall down
To the ground
And my hand
Is right there
To pick u up
Wings on ya back
So you can fly back
And tell the non believers
I hope u believe
That I’m back
We all go through struggles
Most of them will hurt you
So if karma is around
Know she comes in
Full circle
I might have not birth you
Or been there to feed you
N patted you on ya back
Wait… That was a good burp to
But know that I
Believe in you
Achieving is in the mind
In the funeral home
Casket down the aisle
Grieving standing
Right in this line
I’m leaving
Without any sign
I’m reading
In between the lines
This goes back
To the beginning
Cuz she was having
A hard time

Written By B.T.Y. In 2013


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