“Wisdom From Universe”

We know from the ancient wisdom traditions that there is an underground stream of knowledge which flows eternally from the universal mind, the collective consciousness, this knowledge is known as the sacred science of enlightenment, Alchemy. The mystery school students of all ages studied the sacred science of Alchemy, and its Universal Laws and Principals. They studied mathematics, sacred geometry, music, art, astronomy, biology, physics, chemistry, healing, medicine and philosophy…they had highly advance knowledge of human genetics, quantum physics, zero point energy, anti gravity and hyper dimensional physics, in short, they had working knowledge, thousands of years ago, of what our scientists are only beginning to rediscover today. The ultimate goal of the student was to become a Master, a Master of the true Self and the Universe of which the true Self is the Co-Creator. To become a true Self Master the student had to die and be reborn, to spiritually die to the lower self and be reborn again anew in higher self consciousness.


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