“No Judgement”

This how y’all be lol y’all rather people cheat than to actually have an open mind about other types of relationship where people are honest . And the reason why you won’t participate in those types of relationships because you care about how people will view you . It’s taboo . Oh but it’s normal for people to be in cheating relationships . And you rather that judgement than to be in any other type of relationships . 

It’s not for everyone of course but we have to change our perception on people who do have those types of relationships . It starts with being honest with yourself about what you want . If you want to be in a open relationship say that . And only mess with people who want the same . It’s that easy . And if you only want a monogamous relationship . Say that and only deal with people who are serious about it.~UNKNOWN 

✨Happy Solar Return Mike G✨

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    September 11, 2019

    I Really AGREE With This Post! POSITIVE READING!!


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