We develop attachments. We become attached to people, circumstances and even outcomes. Most times our attachments lead us into unhealthy habits: negative thought patterns, unstable or rigid expressions of our emotions and really unhealthy, codependent behavior.  Our behavior spirals, our perception of ourselves become distorted and we end up believing that we have in some way “failed” at something.  As if failing is actually even possible.

We are taught (by our mini society) to grade ourselves using either a PASS or a FAIL. But these are distorted ways of perceiving ourselves. There is no “passing” or “failing”, there are only “lessons” that teach us how to better master our energy

For those of you who feel the need to attach yourself rigidly to outcomes, I challenge you to release your judgment about how a situation needs to unfold. Things will unfold the way they unfold an none of it determines your value and none of it reflects your true power. 


You’re a god/dess no matter how the “chips fall” 👁️




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