“I’m Shining”

I’m all over this room
I’m shining, 
Life on the other side,
I’m sorry for my pride
When I had it,
I just wanted the cheese
Like a packer,
Knowing that, it’s deeper then that,
And that’s a known factor,
I was trailing behind
No tractor,
I was yelling for help,
They was laughing,
I was searching within,
They couldn’t grasp it,
Do it from within,
It’s my passion,
I’m the reason
Why I do it,
And so are you,
I was once in the red room
Getting develop,
Negative to positive,
Know you can make it happen,
I made it this far,
I deliver this gift to you,
So no need to look up the tracking,
Just know I’m not stopping,
This ship has sailed,
You can wave too
Instead of watching,
I’m just not standing here,
I’m all over this room
I’m Shining!

And so are you.

Written By KingBty EL


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