“I Will Not Be Defeated”

I will not be defeated
You can take everything
Away from me,
Still I’ll won’t be defeated
I got everything on my own
And if I lose it
I’ll get it back again
Remember I’m B.T.Y.
Climbed up this ladder to
Success, & for me that has
Never been a option,
It’s going take more then
A combination, more then a
Jail to keep me locked in,
I refused to be looked down on,
I refuse to be your slave,
I refuse to be last,
While everyone else
Is eating and watching,
Opportunities is everywhere,
I know you don’t want me here,
But I got news for you,
I’ll always be here,
See there, he did it again,
I know how to lose &
Come back and win,
Mistakes, I can take it &
Face it, learn from it,
While others keep making it,
I am a royal flush,
I will pass this test,
I am king B.T.Y.
In the flesh,
This is what I needed,
So before you stereotype me,
Thinking I’m another statistic,
Remember one thing &
One thing only…
I will not be defeated!

Written By KingB.T.Y.


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