“I Have Spoken”

I was sedated,
Success was
premeditated, imitated
By these haters, waving
Bye to them like sailors.
Upon us is a living legend,
I’m the greatest,
KINGBTY, no debating,
I’m amazing, so pure,
Here, wanna taste it,
I’m your favorite, spices
N herbs, once was lost,
Reunited, …peaches & herb,
I emerged, as the head honcho,
Been a savage, way before macho,
But you seem to forget,
I’m more then a poet,
I’m a researcher, a explorer,
Stop being blinded by MEDIA,
I’m also, a awakened eye opener ,
You need to be reevaluated,
You need to get refocused,
King BTY has spoken.

Written By KINGBTY


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