“I Ain’t Mad”

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I ain’t mad at cha

I wish things was different,
I wish you never got shot
In Vegas,
For instance,
I wish the media
Never portrayed,
You and big was beefing,
I wish you could’ve read
My poetry while you was up in prison,

But I was young,
Never dumb,
To this society
You instilled in me,
B T Y is thug life
That’s what you gave to me,
They can hate all they want,
I know our ancestors
Got us a thugs mansion,
I heard it from you first,
I can’t even front,

I’m not mad at cha
I was never mad at cha

You had to pave the way,
For us,
To really
grasp the matter,
The fact that 21 years later
It’s still no hope for youth,
The ghetto is still the favorites,
We’re underdogs,with a lot to prove,
But we’re going make it,

Nobody understands our history,
I tell them research it,
You was at the United Nations
These rappers today is worthless,
So called this and that,
But who’s the leader today,
And what’s really they purpose,

Many saw your worth
And many has hated,
But B T Y
Will hold you down
While others perpetrated,
Had to let you know
That you’re the greatest,
I box them out
Like cassius clay,
For everything you done,
I’m glad you made it,
I had to let you know

I ain’t mad at cha
Because your my favorite,

And I
I ain’t mad at cha

Written By Kingbty

The Late 2pac verse below, of his all eyes on me album, anniversary which is today…

Father forgive us for livin
while all my homies stuck in prison
Barely breathing
that the world is a prison
It’s like a ghetto
we can never leave
A broken rose givin bloom to the cracks of the concrete

So many other things for us to see

Things to be,
our history
so full of tragedy and misery

To all my homies never made it home
The dead peers
I shed tattooed tears for,
when I’m alone
Picture us inside a ghetto heaven,
a place to rest
Findin peace
through this land of stress
In my chest
I feel pain comin sudden storms

Life full of rain
in this game watch for lead thorns

Our unborn
never got to grow,
never got to see what’s next

In this world full of countless threats

I beg God,

to make a way for our ghetto kids to breathe
Show a sign,
make us all believe
Cause I ain’t mad at cha



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