If I’ll foresee next year
And that I do,
Mediation on the beach
When the sunrise,
I cut all tides,
Watch my plan unfold
Before your eyes,
Wanted you on my journey
But it’s not your time,
My frequencies,
My vibrations,
Is at all time high
And it’s only going get higher,
Doing what I love,
All at my expense
Not there’s,
All my life
They had me on a ride,
Something what you see
At your state fair,
Whole bunch of games too,
Obama wanted change
So I changed too,
Switched up
How I talk and how I move,
This energy obtained
I will never lose,
Difference is
I can’t expect you
To see what you can’t,
Or do what you can’t do,
But I know you can,
You just haven’t reached
Far enough too,
And I wondered,
And still wondering, 
When will you too.

Written By KingBty EL


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