“We Only Know”

“There are those that will never understand you, your heart, your path or your journey.  They will call into question everything you hold at the core of your very being.  They will tell you that you don’t have the eyes to see, or the ears to hear your own truth and what you believe is fake or your medicine unworthy.  It’s not our job to make them see us, our hearts or our path.  They don’t even see their own journey or themselves, how could we ever hope for them to see all of the brilliance that you are? Truth is, its not their job to see you.  They hold the mirror up for you to see yourself rooted deeper in another level of your own being.  They are here to help us reclaim our own self worth and value as we refuse to let them cut away at it.  This isn’t about them its about you seeing yourself, your path, your heart and taking a stand for all that you are.  No one gets to tell you who you are. This is your life and your unfolding path.  You are not required to give yourself away to those too blind to see your truth.”  – Ara


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