“Virgo Stars”

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How could this day pass
While I’m switching lanes
Thinking years ago
That our lives would change,
And now,
It’s more then changed.
Conversations no longer wanted,
A bond that was hard to break
As if that bill wasn’t 100,
I only can be happy
If your happy
I know you wanted that house
I know you wanted to get married,
Overwhelmed by your lifestyle,
Wanted it to work,
But somehow
I couldn’t figure it out,
32 like SHAQ
32 like MAGIC
32 like OJ
That was yesterday & today
Your a beautiful flower
Blooming as always,
33 like DORSETT
33 like JABBAR
33 like EWING
Thinking of you
Isn’t easy,
In fact it’s hard,
Too many memories,
Looking at Virgo Stars.

Written By KINGBTY


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