“The 1”

Your the one
My only mission
Hot tub
Your cherry lip gloss
Your cherry lips
I’m kissing
I throw that dick
Like bait
She did more then nibble
I’m fishing…
She soaking wet
Like I just finish
Washing the dishes,
I’m going kill that Pussy
She going be the victim,
She hypnotized
Got biggie playing in the ride,
I saw her from the corner of my eye,
Looking fabulous
Word play &
She Curvy
But she not from Brooklyn,
She was in town for the weekend,
Ask me did I want a booking,
We at the Caesars
I’m going eat that salad
Like a Caesar
We did it till sun came up
Your the one
My only mission
Last night was the hot tub
Champagne by bottle
I’m going lead &
Watch you follow.

Written By Kingbty EL


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