“So Devine”

“Food as Weapon. The dependency of a lot of Afrikan nations on Western food distribution means that the West may use food as the ultimate weapon to maintain its domination of Afrika. This situation prompted the CIA to publish a study entitled ‘Potential Implications of Trends in World Population, Food Production, and Climate,’ in 1974… in which it intimates that ‘The world’s increasing dependence on American surpluses portends an increase in US power and influence, especially vis-à-vis the food deficit poor countries… In bad years, when US could not meet the demand for food of most would-be importers, Washington would acquire virtual life and death power over the fate of multitudes of the needy. Without indulging in blackmail in any sense, the US would gain extraordinary political and economic influence.”
“The United States and its European allies have rigged the rules of trade and commerce such that they win all the bets. These rules are designed to exclude, by the manipulation of tariffs and quotas, the manufactured goods of Afrika, and consequently, help to maintain its dependence on primary products for the large majority of its exports. In sum, the European-engineered ‘monocultures’ of Afrika make them highly vulnerable to the not unplanned steady decline of commodity prices. That is, the economic dependency of many African countries on the selling of one or just a few commodities to the industrialized nations, makes them vulnerable to the prices those nations decide to pay for such commodities. And those prices are often engineered in favor of these buyer nations and not by market forces as we are often told. Therefore, the much-ballyhooed balance of payment deficits of Afrikan nations are often engineered by the West which, while raising the prices of its exports to Afrika, simultaneously lowers the prices it pays for Afrikan exports.”
Amos N. Wilson
“Blueprint for Black Power: A Moral, Political and Economic Imperative for the Twenty-First Century”
Page 380


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