“Master P”

Been a long time,
But I’m back
No spine,
In the midst
Of going 4 what’s mine,
Are the only two things
That’s on my mind,
Well actually three,
My sun too, he going shine,
In this life of ours,
Spiritually, I’m on the incline,
Negativity, eye must decline,
Eye must move forward,
It’s no time to rewind,
If I go back,
Then I’m wasting my time,
Need say I moor,
My empress wanna get married
In a rainforest,
In this life,
We weather anything that’s a storm,
I connect to her,
And she connects to me,
Emperor and empress
And that, we shall continue to be,
Life has no limit,
Everyday eye,
Master P.

Written By Kingbty EL


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