“Same Person”

Written By Shaun Deloatch

I think inclusion is just an illusion.
Sometimes I want to bring out the 4-5 in order to reach my conclusion
In crooked rooms, gays are supposed to stand up straight.
Minorities, talk to the authorities.
The F word, I’m not talking about a bird.
Females and Feminist yall are like the exorcist.
Making Adam eat the Apple. Patriarchy. What kind of SIN is this?
Natives, Americans said get off the alcoholic curb. Didn’t we give yall casinos and a reserves.
I know there are other groups I’m missing in the list, F*ck it I’m going to act like yall don’t exist.
But shout out to my illegals, human trafficking, sweat shops, and every else in-between. Yall they reason I get things for cheap.
Almost forgot about my farm animals too. Living until used up. Then in the back of the Sarah Palin’s video getting their throats cut.
What? It’s not a zero sum game. Even with all these hardships you still got shit to gain.
Like binders you got to remind Us. To focus on your next, breathe. Deep mediation before your next step.
Hold up I got to go back into my bars to get that new Twenty named Harriet and rid the world of Jackson.
As they say in some rap battles: “Bring that back and slow it down”
Hold up I got to go back into my car to get that new twenty-two I named Harriet, then I rid the world of Jackson.
Actually I just wanted to see what it felt like to kill a slave owner in lyrical retrospect rap battle action.
Cause I still think some actions are still just an illusion.
Now, Let’s bring the Oscar Spotlight to backdoor contusion’s.
And all the fake hype. About what you don’t get now you get the next life.
I’m not saying religion is bad business, but I can’t fuck with Jehovah cause he keep to many witnesses.
Let me guess, you can do no wrong. You stay in your own lane; you don’t hurt nobody at all.
But if dollars are like votes then it makes no cents. Saying you don’t have blood on your hands when you rocking those blood diamonds.
Some talk about the struggle that they support every day and act like they don’t take a part. And Since Dollars are like votes, who do you support?
China, Vietnam, or any other child sweat shop labor.
Maybe the underpaid illegal farm workers that help get produce to favorite grocery store.
I’m like F*ck it, I’ll tell you loud and proud, I’m one who supports them all.
I learned to live with the horrors I cause every day and even the horrors blessed upon me.
I do actively volunteer and try to give back, but no judgement if you think that shit is wack. I can’t throw shade if I never was never the light for your shadow.
But like America’s reflection I like giving myself a thorough mirror inspection.
Sometimes Knowing thyself. Sorry I meant knowing myself
Is hard to digest.
That’s why in this poem. Sorry I meant my life,
I always digress.
But always living in the Apocalypse Now of
“The horror, The horror”
And All these horrors that have faces. Including yours and mine.
Even though we play both sides of that gun line.

Written By Shaun Deloatch


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