“Power To The People”

I ain’t hear for this or that,
I’m here for the truth,
I know the proof,
For me to share to you,
Sharing through this
The booth,
Sharing through the mic,
I take this hike, 
Through the mountains
Where the Caucasians
Came from,
I’m not dumb,
That’s what they want me to think,
But here’s the wink,
Here’s the blink,
Life isn’t what you think,
It’s man made,
I feel in due time,
We going raid,
The government,
It’s evident,
Ever since, it became relevant,
If you read
What we been against,
We’re on the fence.
I was born guilty
But since my origin,
I found my innocence,
Through my birth certificate,
Signed and sealed, 
Delivered it to the state,
Even though it’s through
The state, that’s hold my fate,
Someone mentioned my nationality,
Someone one said we must claim, so we hold the power to the people, people,
It’s all about the game,
And how you play it, people.

Written By Kingbty EL


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