“Pineal Gland Stories”

My pineal gland stories…
Eye have talks with many spirits
When eye am focused,
Leads me to talk to you,
Your my congregation
But eye ain’t no pastor,
Eye don’t need money to spread knowledge, eye just need you to
Believe in you, moor solutions,
Will eliminate the problems,
Creating opportunities for
The community &
For the children…
Leaving a legacy,
For generations to come,
Eye am my own prophet
See, eye am not property,
Yes eye have DREDs &
Eye am Judged everyday
Living to be SCOTT free,
Yes eye do live off SANFORD…
If you wanna be bold
Do your research on that,
On that CASE, eye can’t get any simpler
Then that, eye put knowledge on
This website for you to track, if you a
Leader you’ll goto the archives & track
Back, my pineal gland stories
Which is truth in fact,
Everything eye do is for you to connect with your pineal gland & this is my story.

Eye can’t make you overstand
What you don’t understand,
This isn’t for everybody.

Written By Kingbty EL


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